Episode 15-April Laird

This week on Hold the Drama, host Alison Robertson, sits down with April Laird. April has been working in the prop department on various productions since 2007. Talking with her only drove home what a collaborative effort it is to create film and TV. She has such pride in what she does and it really comes through when she talks about some of the other amazing prop masters she has had the pleasure to work with. This is an often-overlooked job in this industry, but what they provide to a production is so important. We feel lucky to get to sit down and talk with an experienced on set art department worker and even luckier that we get to share the conversation with you. Enjoy!

April Laird-Assistant Prop Master & Art Dept Professional

April is an experienced on set art department worker, specializing in property arts. Working with varied scales of productions for over 8 years in Los Angeles, she has developed extensive skills in prop mastery, set dressing, prop making, food styling, & weaponry. In her spare time, she also owns and operates an independent handmade jewelry company based in Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles: www.smithyjewelry.com

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