It’s long been known that creating a career in show business is often not an easy path. There is no one specific blueprint to follow that can guarantee an artists’ success. However, one thing is certain, when you make the decision to pursue your craft in this crazy industry, you’re not just selecting an occupation, you’re choosing a lifestyle.

Join us every Tuesday as we meet brave and talented people who have embraced that choice. Listen in as they share their stories, their successes, their paths and maybe even a few failures. Working in this business doesn’t just take determination and sacrifice; it takes tenacity to hold on through unexpected twists and turns that often come with sharp angles. But even through the highs and lows, what we learn is that most would not choose to do it any other way. So come hear how rewarding it can be to take a leap of faith and follow your dreams!

Episode 11-Steven Tylor O’Connor

Episode 11-Steven Tylor O’Connor

This week on Hold the Drama, host Alison Robertson sits down with casting associate Steven Tylor O’Connor. He’s worked on several hit shows including Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and Disney’s Andi Mack. He also worked on Facebook’s first scripted series Five Points. You’re going to learn that he wants you to make a choice when you come into the room, if you didn’t get a call back, you didn’t do anything wrong and finally, he doesn’t want you to bring a character into the room, bring you. Sit back and enjoy this round of Super Happy Fun Ball.


Steven Tylor O’Connor-Casting Associate

Steven Tylor O’Connor is a CSA casting associate and an independent writer/producer . Steven currently resides in Los Angeles after spending six years living and working in New York City.  He started his casting career interning at CBS-NY then working at NBC-NY. Upon moving to Los Angeles, he worked on series such as “Shake It Up,” “Liv & Maddie” and “KC Undercover.” As a producer, Steven has two shorts available on Amazon, all of his shorts are available on either Dekkoo or Revry, and he has a feature about to finish with post-production. Steven’s website is and he can be found on Twitter @STOConnor


Episode 10-Bri Dellinger

Episode 10-Bri Dellinger

This week on Hold the Drama, host Alison Robertson sits down with two-time Emmy nominated editor, Bri Dellinger. Bri has had an interesting career that started at Magical Elves and has found a home at Bravo. She has worked on several hit shows including Top Chef, Project Runway and most recently, Vanderpump Rules. She gets in to what it takes to make Reality TV work and the art in creating the story. We also get into how she takes a break from the Drama and what’s next on her list of challenges to conquer. You don’t want to miss this one, so sit back and enjoy.

Bri Dellinger-Editor

Bri Dellinger is a freelance editor who works in reality television. She has worked in many sub-genres of reality tv, but specializes in competition shows and docu-dramas. She was nominated for two primetime Emmys. She’s lived in Los Angeles for 17 years and has a backyard farm complete with fruit trees, vegetables
​and a flock of chickens. She’s an outspoken feminist and activist. 

Episode 9-Jeffrey Marcus

Episode 9-Jeffrey Marcus

This week we sit down with Jeffrey Marcus, a successful actor who, some might say by divine interference, ended up becoming a highly successful acting teacher. With a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Jeffrey adds a deeper level to his work and is known for helping actors find what is powerful about themselves. Jeffrey shares with us his views and tips on how and why actors have the power to “enlighten the human condition.” We hope you sit back and really dig in to this fascinating conversation that is sure to inspire you to “be authentically, creatively you.”

Jeffrey Marcus-Acting Coach

Jeffrey Marcus has been teaching and coaching actors in Los Angeles, since arriving from New York almost 30 years ago to do the TV series “Alien Nation”. Before that he starred on Broadway, feature films and on television. Mr. Marcus has directed numerous award-winning plays and has worked with some of the most popular actors on stage, screen and television.

Jeffrey is well versed in the teachings of Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Meisner, Hagen and Adler. His most powerful influence was Mira Rostova – mentor to Montgomery Clift and Geraldine Page. He completed a Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing to further enhance his teaching. His desire is to have actors actually heal their own issues through the imaginary circumstances of the dramatic material. In addition to his acting classes, Jeffrey coaches privately and work with actors on and off sets, has hired by the Presidents of Fortune 500 companies to assist them with their public speaking, and prepares celebrities for media appearances. He has coached executives at ABC, Disney, Fox, MTV and Dreamworks.

His coaching has been profiled on E! Entertainment as ‘Actors Who Teach’, CBS “Big Brother”, Oxygen’s “All the Right Moves” and the cover of Backstage West.

Most recently he has coached actors on “American Horror Story”, “True Blood”, “90210”, “Glee”, “Shadow Hunters”, “Chicago Fire”,”Pretty Little Liars”, and “Supergirl” to name a few.

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